Online Personal Training

Healthwise now offers an Online Personal Training in conjunction with THE BLUEPRNT.

Why use Online Personal Training...

  • If you are after a bespoke training program
    If you would like the benefit of having a personal trainer without the expense!
    Want ongoing support from a trained professional who wants to see you achieve your goals...

Every client is offered a truly personal, bespoke experience to ensure you reach your goals quickly, safely and most importantly, whilst having fun!

Whatever your goal is, you will be given the tools to reach it! The 'Training BLUEPRNT' will help you better understand your bodies needs to reach your physical targets and therefore improve your fitness levels like never before. This tailored 8-week training plan is designed through individual goal setting upon purchase.

Initially, you will be contacted to book your consultation, either via email, phone or face to face (what ever works best for you), which will take no longer than 30 minutes. The program will be built and sent across within 48 hours. A follow up will then be arranged to run through and you will also be sent advice on nutrition as well as having that all important personal contact throughout the 8 weeks to make sure you are hitting the goals you are after!

An important aim with the training BLUEPRNT is to optimise training output through maximising your enjoyment of the program, so doing things that you enjoy is an absolute must for us to include.