DW Fitness First

Healthwise can offer you great savings on a corporate membership with DW Fitness First and as an added bonus there is currently NO Joining Fee.

Click to find your NEAREST CLUB and establish what Tier membership you need.

Your membership includes MULTI-CLUB access allowing access to your home club tier and below.

The minimum term of membership is 4 months. Any applicable membership fees will be wage deducted monthly.


DW Fitness First Membership Fees

Minimum 4 month membership term with a one calendar month written notice period.

Tier 1 - £67
Tier 2 - £57
Tier 3 - £52
Tier 4 - £42
Tier 5 - £39.50
Tier 6 - £34
Tier 7 - £33
Tier 8 - £31
Tier 9 - £28

How to Join?

1. Download and complete


2. Carefully read the T&C's and and fill in your details

3. Scan your completed form and email it from your Flight Centre email address to Healthwise and DW Fitness First

4. You will receive a welcome email to get you started at your chosen DW Fitness First Club.


Can I transfer my existing membership onto the Corporate Scheme?

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of the FC corporate scheme with Fitness First and are a current DWFF member:

1. Download and complete the membership application

2. Return your completed application to Healthwise and DWFF from your FC email account.

NOTE: Please be sure to include your current membership number and the date of transfer to the FC corp scheme on your membership application.

How do I Cancel my membership?

Email Healthwise providing your one calendar month written notice. This will be processed once you have completed your minimum term.


Please email Healthwise.