What is a Bio-Age Consultation?

This 1-2-1 consultation will analyse a wide range of nutritional, lifestyle, physical and emotional factors. The information collected allows your consultant to make an assessment of the current position of your health and wellbeing. This system ultimately allows for the provision of simple, carefully structured, recommendations and strategies, that are personalised for your needs.

The overall balance of your health is summarised by a very easy to understand reading, your biological age. A bio-age the same or lower than your chronological age will indicate a balance that desirable.


A Bio-Age consultation is designed to allow you to gauge your current health status, strengthen your resolve and help you make positive and long-lasting changes. 

What's involved?

During your 1-2-1 consultation, your Healthwise consultant will:

  • Review your nutritional and lifestyle habits
  • Check baseline health indicators (resting heart rate,blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels)
  • Evaluate your ergonomic desk set up
  • Reaffirm your health goals
  • Provide simple recommendations to further support your health and wellbeing
  • Provide a detailed report and containing professional advice to help you develop the strategies you'll need to improve your health.

When should I have a consultation?

Don't wait until you are "healthy" to book your consultation. Utilise the knowledge and skills of a Healthwise consultant to fast track your progress.

Please click the button below now to request your free consultation. Please include your location (if your email signature does not already state this) and any others in your store who would also like a consultation.

How can I organise a consultation?

Please email Healthwise including your store location and your best contact number.

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If you have any questions simply email Healthwise.